Sunday, February 17, 2008


My week is like this
rock climbing and work.

Think I need to step it up and make it more thrilling.

So I am going to set myself goals and accomplish them.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Yesturday, I was alone on the bus, on my way to work. The bus driver was asking random people questions. Then it was finally my turn. I was the intergatee. As he asked me where i was heading. He asked if i could get him a red bull from seven eleven. The bus driver seemed like a nice person so I said I would. He literly pulled out his wallet and had a twenty. I looked at the bill then someone came on the bus and he said oh forget about it.
I honestly would have done it, those bus drivers put heart and soul into getting poeple around. Its about time they get pay back.

Friday, February 08, 2008

making Pesto sauce the hard way

Cutting basil with a butcher knife

My vision has created a false creation.

The butcher knife has become a dagger

I try to scrub off the green mush off my hands

Off, off damn spot

Not even oxi clean would do

Nature is dead, and wicked dreams are alive

My troubles are gone

I go, my pesto is nearly done

Thursday, February 07, 2008

LIfe is like rock climbing

Life is like rock climbing. You just have to climb to the top. The good thing about rock climbing is that there is always someone there to hold the rope just incase the climber looses their grip. Making it to the top is the hard part especially when my fingers are worn out and my imagination goes in vertigo mode. Its a long way down and I dont want to go down that way, I just want to go further up till the smack the top of the climb and feel the great sense of victory.
Sounds simple, suddenly when its back to reality its alot harder then it is imagined. For me there are alot of obsticles in the way. Obsticals being having to pay off my loan, finding a perfect job or having a friend to talk to you when you need one.
Suddenly I feel like the obsticals cabn be obliberated if I just focus on obliberating it completely. Sounds so simple just like climbing.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I speak whale

Philly here I come. For the next week or so I ll be the set up designer assitant for a film that my sister's friend is doing. Sounds pretty exciting. In just a few hours I ll be speeding away on the china bus to the land of philly steaks. While I m there I m definantly checking out the Mutter Museum and the Atwater Museum. Two musuesms that I discovered by actually reading the travel guides at the place that sells paper.

Talking of the place that sells paper, I have been getting fustrated alot, especially with older employees. Like today this new lady that has issues saw this lady w a dog come in the store. I was dealing with the lady and her dog. And the new employee decides to talk to the dog. Not that the dog understands but this employee was doing it right over my checkstand and I had the hardest time hearing the lady talk. So when the lady left I told the new employee dont do that again especially if I am talkign to someone cuz I cant hear. Instead of just saying ok I get it, she went onn pouting how I shouldnt say DONT to her and it was rude. At this point I dont care what this person thinks. I am going to move on. Its ridiculously stupid.

Other matters I got three people hired at the place that sells plastic, the cool thing I get commission. I was really happy when they hired my friend that lives in Ca at the store over there. I just hope he doesnt mess it up. As I know managers there give less hours to employees when they notice that they are not working to thier standards. People at this place expect the highest from their employess. I ve tried explaining it to him, because I noticed they cut his hours out of the blue. This is nt a good sign but there is not much I can do. Perhaps he isnt mature enough for the job as I thought he would be. However I trust that the place that sells plastic will work with him on improving his problem.. well at least I hope they do.

About a week a go, I was at my cousins and this dude was there and had to get a liver transplant, I think he is extremely lucky because it was coming from his daughter. When I was there I got tot speak to him, and I noticed how he was down. I told him how positive attitudes have an effect on peoples lives especially when they were sick. He aggreed. As far as I have heard the transplant went well. Im sure he is doing well.

Other matters, I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life in general. Im definantly thinking of quiting the paper store and just workign at the place that sells plastic even though I dont get enuf hours there. ANd just work on my movie. However for me to get my movie in action I need money for props, softwear, actiors, and time. So im inbetween thinking if I should just quit it and look for a temp job. I m just so confused.

I think I need to improve on things like making excuses everytime I havea problem. So instead of making an excuse I should face my problem and work on it.

Some cool things are going on.. in two weeks everyone in my family is coming home for Christmas, which means no more having to make my own dinners or deal w the renters in the basment. Then im prolly going to take three weeks off in Jan to help my sisters fam in Ca move from their apt to their new house..... EXCITING. I m starting to notice a pattern. Everytime my sisters move I am called. I wonder if they ll all come and help me when I move.

Blog blog blog now for some sleep before I leave on bus. One week of fun instead of working. WHOOOOOOOOPIIIIIIIIE good night

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tintin strikes back

@ the place that sells paper I had the great aquantance of meeting a friend of the guy who directed the documentary Tintin et moi. I gave him my address so he could send me an autograph.. I vunder if he ll do it. I hope so!!!!!!!

This person at the place that sells paper brought this book. It cracked me up to the point of no return. A Star Wars cook book, here are some of their recipies

Wookie Cookies
The Han Burger
Jedi Juice Pops
Tusken Raider Tarts
Dark Side Salsa
Yoda Soda
Jawa Jive Milkshake
Skywalker Smoothie
Mos Elsley Norsells
C3pO Pancakes
Princess Leila Danish

You have no idea how much this cracked me up. I would make a great Christmas present for any Star wars fan. Hahah.
Thank goodness I am a trekie not a star wars fan.
May the power be w you

Saturday, September 08, 2007

7 - 11

There I was @ the place that sells paper. Me and a certain employee were preparing for close. A really well off customer walked in and wanted to buy a sandwich. I asked if she wanted a drink with it here is how the conversation went.

Me - do you want something to drink, like a coffee
Well off lady - No I dont want your coffee, I dont trust your coffee. As a matter of fact I dont trust your coffee, I dont trust Starbucks coffee either. I rather drink at 7 - 11.
Me - I take it you want your sandwich to go then.
Well off lady - yes I would, thank you.

Yo lady, if you dont like our stuff then dont shop at our store . Our coffee is awesome. Shun the non believers, SHUN THEM>>>>>